Leisure Education Trust

The Leisure Group is actively involved in making a difference in the local community. In 2005, this desire to be altruistic led to the founding of the Leisure Foundation Trust.

The goal of the Trust is to foster academic talent by opening doors to a higher standard of secondary education to disadvantaged youth. In doing so, the Leisure Group believes that we are investing in the future of South Africa.

The Trust relies on fundraising and sponsorship to finance the secondary education of the learners who are supported/sponsored by the Trust from the beginning of their Grade 8 year until they matriculate from Grade 12. Every child is regularly monitored to ensure their educational and social needs are attended to. The Trust wants each of the learners to develop a culture of learning in order to be sufficiently prepared for tertiary education.

At present, the Trust sponsors 30 learners from disadvantaged backgrounds from the greater Cape Town area. The first two learners, who have completed the whole secondary school journey under the guidance of the Trust, completed their Matric exams in 2010.

In 2011 the Trust aims to take on an additional 30 learners – totalling 60 sponsored learners for the year.

All the Leisure Education Trust’s administration costs are covered by the Leisure Group, so every cent raised is used to sponsor the learners directly.

For more information, please see www.leisureeducationtrust.co.za or contact Ed Chantler on
076 163 6986 or pegned@iafrica.com