Be Green

At the Lady Hamilton Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, the issue of conservation is taken seriously. We want to be as kind and friendly to our planet and environment as we are to our guests. There are several ways in which we are contributing to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable planet. This includes educating all of our staff, introducing energy saving devices, introducing cleaner production methods and water conservation.

We prevent, reduce or mitigate harmful effects of our operations on humans and natural resources by using environmentally friendly products and we minimise waste by recycling. We also encourage our suppliers and contractors to apply similar environmentally friendly standards. We monitor our own green policies on a regular basis to see where improvements can be made.

The following are just some examples of how we at the Lady Hamilton Hotel in Cape Town try to be kinder to the environment and limit our carbon footprint:

  • We have set up a green team.

  • We have implemented a green policy which is endorsed by management and staff.

  • In all of our email correspondence, we issue a kind reminder to the reader to consider the environment before printing.
  • We make electronic copies accessible and only print what and when it is absolutely necessary.
  • When we do print, we use 50% recycled paper for all internal printing.

  • We use energy saving where possible.

  • Spaces in the hotel have been designed with large windows and skylights to harness as much natural light as possible.

  • All our hot water pipes are insulated.

  • Our waste is separated at source and then recycled.

  • Towels are washed on request only to reduce water and conserve energy.

  • Certain lamps are placed on a switch or timer to control usage.

  • Paper is used twice.

  • We return plastic crates, juice bottles and glass jars to the suppliers.

  • We buy all the butter and jams (preserves) in bulk instead of prepacked.

  • Used cooking oil is returned to the supplier and so that it can be reused.

  • We use soap dispensers and buy refills for them.

  • All our toilets are equipped with dual flush systems.

  • We installed aerated taps and adjustable showerheads in all of our renovated bathrooms.

  • We added low flow adapters to the shower heads and to hand held showers.